Suggestive Selling adds THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to the bottom line!

Its known that Crew Members should stay focused on Order Accuracy & Speed of Service. However, that can be a Daily Challenge.
That’s where FlashRight Suggestive Sell Displays come in!

Placed in the drive-thru or inside near the menu board, FLASHRIGHT Displays slowly “flash” on and off a Hi-Impact, Dynamic Message to create attention and influence the customer to make the suggested purchase!

FLASHRIGHT Suggestive Sell Displays provide the ability to have a successful Suggestive Selling Program in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Tests have shown an average sales increase of 40% on featured items!
Typical ROI in Approximately 90 Days!


You were absolutely correct about the lift in ‘Apple Pies’ – 4 days into it we are doubling pie sales!
Joe Elliot, McDonald’s Operator, FL
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FLASHRIGHT benefits:

  • Displays look like an LCD Digital Screen at a fraction of the cost
  • Won’t Interfere with Customer Order or Timing
  • Consistent & Accurate Dynamic Message Every Time
  • Creates Impulse Purchases & Add-on sales 24/7
  • Adapts with LSM, Co-op or Regional Marketing Plans
  • Provides a Clean & Consistant spot for Promotional Offers
  • Offers can be Easily & Quickly updated by any crew member (see how easy it is)
  • Fast Return on Investment

So how do you increase profitable add-on sales every day?

With FLASHRIGHT® Suggestive Sell Displays!

Maximize Revenue from Every Customer Visit &
Don’t Let Money Drive Out Your Drive-Thru!