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FLASHRIGHT® DISPLAYS has received both national and local publicity in the following publications and websites… QSR Magazine, Beverage Industry, Business Wire, Creative Magazine, QSR Web, Yahoo Web, and The Atlanta Business Chronicle.


“FLASHRIGHT has helped improve our average check and build sales. It paid for itself in a month. I highly recommend.”
Nancy Endres, McDonald’s Operator, NY

“Typical unit movement of a menu item increases by 44% when that menu item is featured on the FLASHRIGHT display.”
Brian Wright, McDonald’s Operator, FL

“Initial results are positive…41 4pc nugget EVM add-ons on Thursday vs. 6 the week before.”
Art Holekamp, McDonald’s Operator, TN

“You were absolutely correct about the lift in ‘Apple Pies’ — 4 days into it we are doubling pie sales!”
Joe Elliot, McDonald’s Operator, FL

“Our experience with three stores convinced us of the quick payback so much that we installed the FLASHRIGHT signs in the drive-thrus of our remaining eight stores.”
Jeff Steren, McDonald’s Operator, IL

“Hash Brown Sales saw an increase of 27% for our test month. We saw a 89% increase to the prior year when combos went away. Either way, for the test month we saw a near $400 incremental increase in hash brown sales””
Dunkin Donuts Franchisee- G. Primpas

“As soon as we installed the displays promoting a product, I could immediately see the sales of that product skyrocket. For the cost of this system, it’s very effective in terms of increasing sales. There is no doubt about it…once you get to the menu board in the drive thru, that little flashing sign definitely catches your eye.”
Bob Reid, Owner, Burger King Franchisee, NC


Sales were very strong after the install. We had to scramble a bit to keep pies in stock at all the stores. We changed a few to 3/$1 cookies when we were low on pies
Jay, McDonald’s Manager, GA
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